1) Does ADRA only help Seventh Day Adventist?

Answer:  No. We do not have projects in which we believe that only one group must be helped. If we do that others who might be needed will be neglected and such action does support our Purpose, Vision and Mission. If you read our Motto, it clearly states that we “People Before Things, Working for Humanity.” Where the word Humanity means anyone.

2) Can ADRA help me with financial aid?

Answer: ADRA is not structured to provide individual financing, however, we may contribute in a limited manner, our main objective is to work with the community to assist in disaster by providing social care, professional help, food supplies, water, and other commodities to help you through the crisis.

3) Does ADRA offer scholarships?

Answer: No. ADRA provides training for communities to assist them when a crisis occurs and to improve their lifestyles.

4) Can I donate materials to ADRA?

Answer: While ADRA accepts material, unsolicited goods, like used clothing and canned foods tend to hinder the quality donated and we advised persons who wish to donate to contact [email protected] as part of our quality assurance.

5) What is the best way I can donate to ADRA?

Answer: Monetary contributions makes it easier for us to purchase supplies for immediate relief such as food, water, medical supplies, and temporary shelters. This provides for the quick distribution of relief because items can be purchased.

6) How can I become an ADRA Volunteer?

Answer: Go to our website and select Engage and fill out our electronic form. We are always looking for persons who have the passion to help others.

7) Does ADRA Cayman financial operations audited?

Answer: ADRA Cayman Islands must submit annual returns to the Government of the Cayman Islands as required by our NPO Certification, and we are also subjected to be audited by the Cayman Islands Financial Authority which is an external agency.

If you need any further information on our operations and structure please review our policies on our website.