ADRA Cayman considers hurricane preparation as a critical process to minimize the risk associated with such natural disasters. To control the potential hazards and risks before, during and after a hurricane, ADRA Cayman has developed an organizational structure to manage each stage. The Organization Chart shows the relation between the Cayman Islands Hazard Management, Cayman Islands Conference and ADRA Cayman Executive Committee and its Volunteers.



  • By May 1st, Each Year: ADRA Cayman Executive Committee send out the Cayman Islands Government Hurricane Preparedness Plan to the Cayman Islands Conference Communication Team publication on its website and other forms of media.
  • By May 1st, Each Year: Cayman Islands Conference Communication Team publishes the list of all Hurricane Shelter on their website and uses other forms of media to communicate with the public including volunteers


  • ADRA Cayman Executive Committee communicates with the Cayman Islands Conference as it relates to its operational strategies as the need arises.
  • ADRA Cayman Executive Committee communicates with the Cayman Islands Hazard Management Team concerning the implementation of its Hurricane Plan including Training of its Volunteers.
  • ADRA Deputy Director of Operations manages all ADRA supplies and Coordinates all financial supports under the management of ADRA’s Fund Raising Committee.
  • ADRA Cayman Executive Committee select Area Coordinators and Zone Leaders to manage the distribution process.
  • ADRA Cayman Executive Committee Identifies Zone Areas and Hurricane Shelters to assign volunteers in all districts.
  • ADRA Executive Committee assigned Area Coordinators and Zone Leaders to the various districts.
  • ADRA Executive Committee distributes ADRA ID to Volunteers.
  • Area Coordinators and Zones Leaders meet and identifies specific streets in the districts to assigns volunteers.
  • Area Coordinators assigns Zone Leaders and volunteers to Hurricane Shelters.
  • ADRA Executive Committee ensures that all basic personal emergency supplies such as masks and gloves are available to all volunteers.
  • ADRA Executive Committee communicates to Cayman Islands Hazard Management the need for Personal Protective Equipment for Volunteers as required in accordance to with the level of risks.
  • Cayman Islands Hazard Management supplies ADRA Volunteers with Personal Protective Equipment for High risks areas.
  • ADRA Executive Committee Health Specialist delivers Sanitization Training for all ADRA Volunteers.



  • ADRA Representative must communicate work with the Area Coordinators and Zone Leaders to manage the distribution process by providing updates as required by each district. This includes a list of technical skills that is needed to assist persons during the distribution process.
  • Area Coordinators and Zone Leaders must meet at the Hurricane Shelters and await information from Shelter Managers to start the distribution process.
  • Area Coordinators and Zone Leaders verifies that all ADRA Volunteers are wearing their ADRA T-Shirts and ID prior to start distributing emergency supplies
  • Area Coordinators follow up with Zone Leaders on the progress of the distribution process to make sure that volunteers are assigned in accordance to the high risk needs during the restoration process.
  • Area Coordinators and Zone Leaders maintain records of supplies distributed as required by Cayman Islands Hazard Management.
  • Area Coordinators communicates with the ADRA Deputy Director of Operations on a daily if there are logistical issues associated with the distribution process and under his/her guidance takes actions to improve the process.


  • Under the guidance of ADRA representative the technical skills team will help as far as it is reasonably practicable to persons whose shelter has been greatly affected.
  • ADRA Executive Committee will conduct briefing sessions with Area Coordinators, Zone Leaders and Volunteers to get feedback on operational issues to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the distribution and restoration process.

This Plan will be reviewed as we work to improve our operations.

We have published the following Hurricane information and we strongly encourage you to review both to help and your family to prepare for the hurricane season.


Other Useful Information

  1. For further hurricane preparedness, please visit the Hazard Management Cayman Islands website #home.
  2. Hurricane Preparedness Power Point Presentation: https://bit.ly/3dXWNLa